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    Hello… New here… just found the group!…Excelent… i am New to lasers… i ¬†have a question I need help with… I am trying to Install the new LIGHTBURN software ob my MAC, I have read the instructions….a part of which requires me to rewire the Short cable on one of the steppers… my question is… Do i swap the wires on both ends of the wire ( both plugs )… or just on one end, so that it is a crossover configuration? any help is appreciated. ¬†Also.. does anyone know if LIGHTBURN will work with my K-40 Laser?.. that would be awesome….


    For anyone thats interested, I have a shop out back that i call the ‘Imaginarium”….. I built it, as home to some of my Hobbies… at presetn i have The Emblaser1, A K-40 C02 laser, A Home built CNC router, A Milling Machine, two Lathes ( Metal & Wood )… 2 3D Printers… and I am currently building a large build 3D Printer…. also i just got into Arduino…. not enough hoyrs in the day!…

    Cheers and I hope someone can help with my questions.




    LaserLarry Admin

    Hi MAC,

    Welcome to the forum!

    If you are trying to reverse a motor, it will be the two wires next to each other. They are usually wired in pairs.

    You can use LightBurn on a K40 IF you have a third party controller and not the stock M2nano or Moshiboard. You would pick GRBL control for a third party controller unless it is a Ruida DSP controller.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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