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    Greg Facer

    I am just starting to use Lightburn for my business….I had thought that the software could use inches for units and then convert over to the MM if thats what the controller used, but now that I actually look for that, it appears I assumed incorrectly. I am used to MM now, but switching to inches for quick size input would be great too.

    Any I missing something or is just not an option?

    However, I also see that my workaround is prevented in Laserburn. I used to enter, and this is the project right now, a 8mm outer ring and an 6.125 mm inner ring (8″ and 6.125″ to be the end result) and scale up by 2540%

    Lightburn will only let me scale to 254%, although then I can scale by 1000% and finish the conversion, but allowing 2540% for scaling would be a very good feature.




    I can easily change the scale code to allow larger scale factors. LightBurn will be getting Inch units relatively soon, but it requires rewriting and testing a decent portion of the GCode engine. A request for Inch units is here on our feature voting site: https://lightburn.fider.io/ideas/82/switch-from-mm-to-inches

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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