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    Scott Marshall

    Larry (Halfnormal), Thanks for setting this up, I know it’s been slow, but I’m finally getting going here. I’ve written some articles and will share them among those who have asked for articles.

    I also hope to “fleshout” the ALL-Tek Systems sectiosn (thanks for that as well) once I learn how to use the Mod tools effectively.

    For everyone else out there, I’m Scott Marshall, a disabled engineer who has taken up the cause of the ‘nongineer’ as my good friend and website designer Yuusuf calls people who aren’t into soldering bits of technology together for fun.

    After seeing many people over on the G+ K40 community struggle to try to upgrade their laser following instructions from the internet, often incorrect or misunderstood instructions, and on occasion being offered large sums of cash to do the work for some people, I decided that maybe I’d dabble in designing a product to ease the job. After a while of being back in the controls design groove, I decided to keep going, and maybe even make a few of these. One thing led to another, and with a lot of encouragement, the 1st few kits were created.

    The 1st 2 or 3 kits caused a stampede of people wishing to buy one for their laser. While knowing better, I took the untested design still in the development process, and I ordered 26 boards of a the (then) current design. They had some problems, but were solvable for the most popular combination, the “Full Kit” – the one with a Smoothieboard installed and programmed. The 26 kits sold pretty quick, and forced me to set up a new lab in my house. I have a shop quite a bit larger than my house on my property, but with my health makes my house a better choice, especially for these Central New York winters where we often have 5 or 6 feet of snow on the ground.

    Now I’m in business as ALL-TEK SYSTEMS once again, being forced to retire from my 1st iteration of All-Tek Systems back in 1998 by a surgery gone very wrong. 80+ surgeries later, I’ve learned to defy doctors routinely, who have told me I’d either be totally bedridden and incapacitated or dead any time now for the last 18 years, and I’ve proved them wrong. Once again I’m doing so. Dozens have told me I’d never work again. NEVER give up.

    I just shipped the 1st kit of the 2nd generation ACR (Aftermarket Controller Retrofit board) which is just a user friendly interface between the K40 and the controller board of your choice. My health co-operated during the 1st run, but lately it’s been acting up and I often don’t get things done when I expect to. My progress it agonizingly slow from my perspective, but my customers seem grateful and are incredibly patient.

    The Google K40 forum is nice, but we’ve grown weary of repeating the same information for newcomers, so EL here is going to be a sister to the G+ community and a “Go-to” or rather a “send to” when we are asked something like “what should I do to upgrade my K40” for the 5th time in 3 days. Now we can refer a person to a sticky here, where the information is all laid out and organized.

    I’ve been asked to and intend to write articles on basics of laser use and maintence fo this forum, and the blog of another of my supporters, Mr Ariel Yahni and his very professional blog.

    I look forward to developing a lot of products for the K40, it’s bretheren, and even other product lines. Despite the challenges of the health problems, it’s sure good to back back working again. I hope to make it work out financially so I can continue to work. It’s going to require bringing some additional help intothe system, but I think I can make it work, I’m going to try my best to make it work anyway.

    As you can tell by now, I tend to run on, it’s my nature.

    Stop into the ALL-TEK section here, and have a look at my website where some of my offereings are for sale. If you have something specific you need and can’t find it, just ask, I don’t mind doing requests, and R&D is my 1st love. I was known in industry as they guy to go to after everyone else gave up, and I never walked away without solving the problem for my customer. I was a contractor for a variety of big names, IBM, Bristol Myers/Zimmer, EMCI, Alcan, Ralph W Earl Fluidpower, Welch Allyn, (only contractor to ever win the “Partners in Quality Award”). The list is long and I’m leaving out a lot. I’m proud of my accomplishments, and I DO miss working on the large hi-tech projects, but I’ve found a niche working for the Laser cutter community and sure enjoy working. Before that I spent a few years drag racing and building racing engines.

    I miss it all, I sure would like to go racing again or something like that, but it’s pretty much off the table for me. I’m going to do what I CAN do. Right now, building kits for the laser cutter community seems to be my place in the world, and I’m as proud of that as I was watching my controls start up a smelting furnace or winning at the races on Sunday.

    I echo Larrys statement that we’re here to help others and have fun doing it.

    I’ll stop for now, and look for material to be added here as fast as I can find the time.



    Scott Marshall

    Thanks for moving my post to the correct location Yuusuf, but I think “Mastermind” is a bit much.

    Not sure if it makes me sound arrogant or just like an evil genius in a James Bond Movie –

    Man with the Golden Gun Maybe?? He had a laser…., and so did the bad guy in Goldfinger – how come it’s always the bad guys with the lasers??

    For the record I’ve never lasered an airplane (unless you count the parts for my model airplanes) and have never threatened anyone’s family jewels with a laser either, although I can think of a few people whom for whom I may consider the treatment….)

    Look for EL to grow fast, we have a lot of talented people, and now we have a place where they can organize and share their wisdom.
    Thanks for looking on on us and don’t be a stranger.


    PS new Movie idea. Bluefinger. Evil Scientist lines up 500 K40’s to corner the market on laser cut coffee stirrers?? The Brits would intercede, but prefer Tea, so it’s up to the Americans and the Guys from – You heard it here 1st when Ian Fleming Productions runs with it…..



    Haha, love the movie idea. Shall I change Mastermind? Didn’t really know what would be your default salutation for an introductory speech.

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