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    LightBurn 0.8.02 – Support for embedded images, filled rendering, Linux dependencies fixed, and much more
    by LightBurn Software August 25, 2018
    There’s a lot of new stuff here, so I’ll try to keep this brief:


    Embedded images in Illustrator files are now supported
    Added filled rendering in the edit window, with quick options in the Window menu
    Added “Scan by Groups” option for scanning
    Camera alignment now includes Scale option for larger bed systems
    Camera will now capture much more bed area
    Added an N-sided regular polygon tool
    Holding ‘Shift’ when framing will now turn laser on with Laser Fire power setting (useful for framing with diode lasers)
    Computing inner / outer shapes is now at least 2x faster, often more
    Added “Offset Both” in the offset options
    Can now edit shape properties for multiple objects at once
    Disabled Scanning Offsets in preview (much cleaner)
    Exposed Frequency parameter for Ruida 644x systems
    Added option to use M03/M05 for Marlin controllers
    Added option to use G0 for overscan moves on Grbl / Smoothie
    Major fixes:

    Fixed Ruida scanning bug that caused missing lines and image corruption
    Fixed Linux dependency issues
    Updated the license libraries, so the “clock tampering” problem should be resolved
    Fixed a bug in GCode generation for rotary that caused very slow moves
    Fixed a bug in AI export that caused broken output
    Image rendering bug when zoomed out / rotated is fixed
    Flood Fill now works on Ruida controllers
    Other changes:

    Added installer flag to not launch LightBurn automatically during silent installs
    Fixed installer waiting for LightBurn to finish when “Run LightBurn” is checked
    Added rotate cursors for shape rotations
    Fixed user reported bug for M8/M7 on grbl and change the UI to use a pair of radio buttons)
    Array copy X & Y mirror alternate rows/columns implementation changed to mirror all shapes with respect to the overall bounding rect.
    Major changes to AI / PDF handling – more complex nested embedding is handled, less sensitive to artboard size
    Removed G92 command from FabKit smoothie driver
    Added CutOrder property to shapes (getting ready for user-ordering)
    Fixed missing images from project files that don’t have the bitmap data embedded in them. Also display a dialog if the file can’t be found.
    Fixed shape keyboard move (nudge) bug to support inches
    Filtering out some MText escape sequences to make DXF text import cleaner
    Select all on current layer now ungroups only if necessary
    Auto-weld property of text objects is now copied for grid / copy paste
    Added “Read” button and status display to Rotary Setup dialog for Ruida controllers
    Now showing trial identifier for expired trials too
    Fixed a bug where pressing space to view drag could interrupt dragging a shape
    Fixed bug that crashed if settings were changed before device was created
    Added quick settings for Antialiasing & Filled Rendering to Window menu
    As always, use the in-app Check for Updates feature, or download from our Download Page

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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