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    I thought I would share what I learned today. I am not sure of the “why” yet but here is a way to find out what is the problem and how to solve it.

    I imported a SVG file from CorelDraw. It was a BMP exported to a SVG file. When I went to start the project, the laser did not fire. This is what I found and what I did to correct it.

    It looks fine on first glance but if you do a preview, you see this;

    If you ungroup the object and try to click on an item you will see this;

    You will notice that no vectors are selected but something else that is not visible. If you delete it, will then be able to select a vector under it like so;

    There is now a dotted line on the selected vector. You will have to click each vector to find the hidden object. If it is a complex object, this might not work due to the amount of vectors in certain objects. This is why I am trying to find out the actual cause.

    Here is the cleaned up object and you will notice that it does not look much different if at all;

    Here is what the preview looks like now;

    Better looking preview and there does not appear to be anything in front of it.

    Ran the program and everything worked great. If you are curious what the finished product looks like, here it is, a fridge magnent.




    Quite a few applications will emit duplicate vectors if the shapes have both a fill and a stroke applied.  LightBurn has a tool called “Delete Duplicates” that can do most if not all of the cleanup for you in these cases.

    For a visual representation of why this happens, see below:

    LightBurn toggles the fill on and off with each outline it encounters. When you draw a letter O, it’s actually a circle inside another circle – The second, smaller circle represents the empty space in the middle, so this ‘fill toggle’ behavior is important.  If you have the same shape twice in exactly the same place, the fill gets toggled on, then off immediately, resulting in no object at all.

    If you used a cut line, the cut would happen twice, which can be used as another clue.


    LaserLarry Admin

    Thanks! Great information. I will run the delete duplicates on the original file and see if it does indeed correct the issue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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