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    Hey all,

    I thought I would get the ball rolling in this topic of introducing ourselves.

    So, without much further ado, I’m Yuusuf, from Australia. I’m also an admin/moderator here, so feel free to drop me any questions or issues & I will see what I can do to resolve them for you.

    Basically I got into lasering through my Leatherworking hobby. I make a lot of leather products that require stitching holes & totally got sick of manually punching holes for stitching (can be quite time consuming when you have multiple products required in a short time span). So, when researching around I found that laser cutters can cut leather & decided that it could cut my pattern pieces with stitching holes included. Turns out it can, but not as nicely or cleanly as I would have liked (lots of burnt edges & really smelly: think burning hair). But, that got me into lasering which I now thoroughly enjoy.

    I’ve also been working with Scott Marshall to help bring about the website for his range of products (http://www.all-teksystems.com/), which we hope can be a great assistance to the many Nongineers out there like me (non-engineers with minimal electronics experience).

    Since purchasing my K40 in September or October of 2015 (can’t remember which) I have spent countless hours “testing”. I have barely made anything with it, as most of my time was spent working out the stock hardware/software-1 limitations, designing my own air-assist, testing different materials & settings, and mostly just playing around with it just for the sake of seeing “can I do this?” or “what happens if I laser this?”.

    I have since upgraded the stock controller to a Smoothieboard 4XC, combined with one of Scott’s ACR (aftermarket controller retrofit) interface boards, to minimise the confusion when connecting the Smoothie. I am currently running that on LaserWeb3.

    I will do my best to assist anyone with any questions on any area that I have experience in 🙂

    Thanks for reading & have fun on the forums.

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