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    LaserLarry Admin

    One of the forum members, TechBravo, has agreed to help Admin the site and try and fix some of the kinks ie new subscription issues and alternate subscription login with Facebook and G+.

    Brian like myself has a full time job and a life outside of the forum. Please be patient and keep the feedback coming to make a better forum.




    Thanks guys! Went over to look at the new site, it looking good. In the post [] you state at the bottom of the page, “Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, criticisms, and ideas in the support section.

    Found ‘Support‘ page link but it requires me to login. Current user/pass does not seem to be recognized. Where do you want feedback for new site?

    Thanks to all for continuing to support and grow this forum,



    LaserLarry Admin

    Yep, looks like we missed that one in our excitement. We will setup a support/feedback section so that the users input will be heard!

    Thanks again for your input!



    Hi Guys!

    I was out of pocket the 14th but I am back 🙂

    The support ticket system was designed to be open to logged in members only but I will make it available publically until I see what’s going on with the login credentials. Any honest feedback is welcome. I am willing to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

    The groups may be a different thing than you are used to. It offers the ability to join specific groups that you want to be associated with. it does not limit you only to the forums associated with the groups. I have found that it comes in handy but we can toggle that feature on and off.

    I will start looking into the usernames and passwords. Please feel free to login using the facebook authentication. It may make you a new profile. Ultimately I may have to manually merge accounts.

    Please keep in mind however that the test site could be scrapped at any time and rebuilt from scratch so be sure to use this forum as usual.

    You can leave input for me on this forum as well. Thanks for your patience and enjoy!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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